Michael J. Haase - General Manager

MyCMS Message: Do You Want More Customers?

Let's face it, the online relationship marketing industry is changing fast, growing in strength, and becoming increasingly more complicated and time consuming to manage. Over 80% of the companies I review are not keeping up with the industry and the results for most businesses are mediocre, at best.

No matter how much money your firm has budgeted for marketing on the Internet, the average life of a lead gathered, in most cases, is less than an hour, and I find few companies with a plan in place to proactively respond to these leads, so the money spent is often wasted.

Today, to be successful at getting new business from your Web Presence your company must have a solid foundational process in place to harvest the leads, develop prospects, and capture new business from the online campaign.

Before you invest one dime in any online campaign, your should know, with today's marketing tools, you can build a Consumer Management System, or MyCMS for your company which uses a multiple campaign approach, has a process for capturing new business, and does not require one dime to create.

Contact the elloAgency of Flathead County consultant for more information on how you can improve your online marketing campaign before you invest any more money. We will discuss any question you have about online marketing. The consultation is free and there is no obligation to purchase.

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