Dr. Eloise Sepeda (she/her/ella)

Public Speaker, Human Rights Advocate, and Life Coach in United States

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Dr. Sepeda is a Latina and Native Roots of the Kickapoo Nation and a child/adult survivor of family & stranger sexual violence, gangs, substance abuse, and homelessness. Despite the high risks of lethal violence and becoming a teen mom, she is resilient. Since 1999, Eloise has used her personal & professional survivor leader experiences to guide her work and advocacy.

As a national SME Restorative-Transformative Justice Practitioner, she believes in decolonizing restorative practices and centering the voices of people who are marginalized and disproportionately overrepresented in carceral systems of oppression, modern-day colonization of family surveillance, and separation. She uses her expertise in Violence & Abuse, Intersections of Child Welfare & multi-systems to advance racial equity, and human-centered engagement to promote safety, justice, family preservation, healing, and well-being for every person impacted and/or who caused harm seeking to make wrongs right.

Dr. Sepeda offers specialized restorative-transformative justice (RJTJ) training and implementation for multidisciplinary services such as Faith-Based & Grassroots organizations, Child Welfare, DV/SA/HT agencies, Civil/Criminal court-legal services, communities, parents/ youth. She serves as Faculty for Futures Without Violence and on the Ujima Women of Color in Leadership Cohort.

*Interim Co-Executive Director, Contigo Wellness [2023]

* Founder, Harmony One Restorative Justice | www.bethechange.tools

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