Elphie Coyle

Creator, Polymath, and Chairman in Melbourne, Australia

Elphie Coyle

Creator, Polymath, and Chairman in Melbourne, Australia

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Meaning = Freedom X Responsibility

I live to Create Realities Together.

Mantra: "Synergise Freedom & Responsibility into Meaning through dancing with the moment in ecstasis and catharsis, whilst building keystone performance habits towards our best vision, integrating our past & preparing for the worst through total self-sustainability."

Embodying this mantra I intend to create memetic, real and virtual realities that are symbiotic with allies, infused with meaning, & leave a legacy of positive impact on humanity.

Primary foci are:

- Managing & Creative Director of Video Game Developer and Academy Lightmare Studios www.lightmare.com.au. The development arm of Lightmare is an established, agile, midcore team create accessible, deep and fun games. Our latest title is Infinity Wars Classic www.infinitywarsclassic.com , a digital card game with industry revolutionising features. The academy arm of Lightmare gives young people passionate about video games the opportunity to earn while they learn, and even see their creative works published worldwide in our titles.

- Founder and Chief Mentor of Business Incubator and Accelerator www.oeincubator.com which is best known for mentoring and investing in owners of 6 figure businesses, to engineer their businesses to operate and grow completely without them in less than 6 months. This is done through bespoke mentoring, capital raising, interactive workshops, & the book, "The Financial Freedom Formula: How to create or transform any business into your passive-income machine".

Side hustles include:

- Host of YouTube show "Ideas Make Love" www.ideasmakelove.com

- Writer for the Good Men Project www.goodmenproject.com/author/elphie-coyle .

- Founding investor for the world's 4th Cryonics facility with Stasis Systems Australia (aka Southern Cryonics). southerncryonics.com

- Founder of Intimacy Consultancy www.SensualFreedom.info which stands for creating deeper intimacy in our everyday lives through workshops, one on one (or two) mentoring & the upcoming book, "Sensual Freedom: 50 Shades of Monogamish".

Previously: Founding designer of Infinity Wars www.infinitywarsgame.com , an international Pentecostal Christian preacher.

A Wealth Dynamics "Blue Creator", Enneagram 738 Tritype, Leo 1 "Authority" & a Myers Briggs "ENTP".

Top Five Values: Creation, Freedom, Play, Wealth & Trust.

Personal Passions: Nadine, Deep Hugs, Prepping, Strategy Video & Euro Games, Dragons, YouTube at 1.5x, Ecstatic Dance.

  • Work
    • www.lightmare.com.au
  • Education
    • Life & Mentors including Roger Hamilton, Neville Christie & Nick Allan