William Whiteford

Writer in Warszawa, Polska

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W.W. is a published author with the W&B Publishers < www.a-argusbooks.com > NC, USA, < #Arguspub > and a translator in Warsaw.

In 2019, his high-techno, futuristic military thriller "OPERATION SHI LANG" appeared, printed by the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, USA. Its theme is a conflict in the Asia Pacific in 2023.

Two years earlier, the Createspace, an Amazon Agency, edited his book "WITOLD GOMBROWICZ: A BIOGRAPHY" - a new multifaced panorama of the Polish writer's life and work. Also - an investigation into the subject's "life experiments and his ongoing struggles with the literary form." (Prof. Plonowska Ziarek, The State University of NY).

In 2014, William's exciting thriller "HELL CAT-90" was published: Shortly before The Desert Storm, a lonely man prevents a thermo-nuclear holocaust in the Persian Gulf.

W.W. graduated from The State Maritime School, Gdynia, and Warsaw University.

He grew up in a small community in Białystok - the northeast corner of Poland.

What makes him tick, is excel himself both in good relations with others and in his writing.

  • Work
    • a Writer and Translator from home
  • Education
    • The University of Warsaw