Emanuele Bolognesi

I have worked for over 13 years in the Web and Mobile industries, leveraging my mixed technical, product and business skills. I recently became head of AppsFuel, a new and innovative project focused on HTML5 and targeted to mobile Web Apps developers.

Previously I worked for Dada.net where I headed the Mobile Apps Division for 3 years, an experience that gave me a deep knowledge of the "app stores" business, as well as iOS and Android development. Prior to that, as head of operations and business development, I launched mobile entertainment services in international markets such as UK, Australia and Indonesia.

I have a technical background, with a degree in Computer Science and several years of experience of web development with different programming languages. As chief software architect I developed and managed the team that created superEva.it, one of the first web community in Italy.

My interests include Web Design, Videogames, TV series and retro-computing. I love Instagram and Twitter

I travel a lot and I give speeches and lessons about HTML5, CSS3, web development, web apps and web technologies