Emiliano Mancuso

A paradigm into social environments!

I love to play Volleyball and Table Tennis (aka Ping Pong).

Also I'm starting the arts of Texas Hold'em Poker but I'm not so good as programming.

In software related bio, I can say that I'm awesome, cool, amazing, heart-stirring, sexy, funny and crazy developer.

Some ruby gems that I created

ork: Simple ORM for RiakDB. [WIP]

toml-rb: TOML* Parser in ruby using Citrus. *(Tom's Obvious, Minimal Language.)

achetepe: HTTP Requests using threads. [WIP]

cuba-haml: A Cuba plugin to use Haml


OpenKaya: A social GO Server

Protest: Protest is a tiny, simple, testing framework

And other pieces of software:

My own Operating System (academic)

redix: redis UI with RubyMotion (my first steps on RubyMotion)

Follow me at @eMancu and you will be enlightened.

Skype: emiliano.mancuso