Emanuele Cisbani

Tech Evangelist in Milan, Italy

I live in Milan with my wife and our three children. My main interests have always been spirituality and technology. Nothing has changed since I was a child in this respect.

In the past I always tried to focus my professional career on the use and promotion of free software (free in the sense of freedom) by developing cutting-edge business solutions, and by designing and building IT infrastructures.

But things have evolved. I am currently working as a technology evangelist specialising in cryptography and security solutions for Intesi Group in terms of strategy and communication.

When I play with my children we use also fun tech toys powered by Arduino. Knowing technology is the the best way to avoid two types of danger: demonizing it and being subjugated.

I am also studying Hebrew, trying to understand something of the secret heritage and wisdom the Bible can offer.

  • Work
    • Intesi Group