Emerson Dameron

Writer, storyteller, and Giver of ferocious feedback

Everyone has one great story. If you have two, you’re a storyteller.

If you have more than that, and you’ve told a few of them enough to hear them evolve in the telling, you probably have one great BIG story - one that holds the others together and reverberates with the essence of what you know to be true, haunted by hints of the person you need to become.

I want to help you take that story to the next level. And maybe into a new dimension.

I’m Emerson Dameron. I’ve been a writer my whole life. I used to perform standup, and I’ve had some success as a live storyteller, radio host, prankster, and performance artist.

Over the last few years, I got sick, got divorced, and lost a large part of my mind.

This big mess of grief brought with it a terrifying and exhilarating sense of freedom.

I found myself significantly less invested in what others thought of me, which gave me new abilities. I made art I wanted to make. I began to redefine “success” on my own terms. I rediscovered a core passion for writing and reverence for the power of crucial, compelling narrative.

Recently, a few friends in the LA storytelling world asked me to provide feedback on their work. And lo! I found something I loved to do and was good enough at that people felt good about giving me money to do it.

I now offer that service to you.

If you are a writer, storyteller, comedian, artist, entrepreneur, or any other sort of creator or performer, you can send me your big story. I immerse myself in it. When I come up for air, I will give you:

  • An assessment of strengths, weaknesses, and hidden opportunities for expansion and exploration that most storytellers leave on the table
  • Where you’re holding yourself back and where you need to back up
  • Things you're missing that your audience is catching
  • How to grant yourself the freedom on page and stage to become more of who you are
  • Where you need to double down on your darkness and weirdness
  • Resources for research, new angles and perspectives, and more

Here’s what people say about me:

“His critical insights were able to get to the heart of what I was trying to convey in my work.I felt that he respected my authentic voice. His detailed feedback was thorough and easy to implement. Emerson inspires me to write at the top of my abilities.” - Kelly S.

“A human scimitar for bullshit.” - Sam K.

“The slow-talking sage.” - Ballard L.

“If Hunter S. Thompson stopped drinking long enough to make any damned sense.” - Glen D.

Mash that button. Get in touch. Let's do this.

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