Emil Lamprecht

Entrepreneur, Google Expert, and Public Speaker in Berlin, Germany

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I am an entrepreneurship and growth expert for tough and interesting problems.

🔊 As a speaker I deliver uniquely actionable insights in an easy to take-away-and-use-now way. 🔊

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As CEO of Growth Mechanics I design and develop entrepreneurship training programs for...
◆ Corporate
◆ Education
◆ Investors
◆ Impact and philanthropic funds

Build Your Own World Class Startup Accelerator, With Us

I've worked with hundreds of startups across the planet, built several of my own, and love how much there is still to learn every day.
◆ I mitigate risk for new businesses.
◆ I build lean engines for growth.
◆ I am a UX educator and advocate

UXers, connect with me!

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    • Growth Mechanics
  • Education
    • Emerson College