Emil Wu

Web Developer, Project Manager, and Software Engineer in 台北市, 台灣

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Hi, I am Emil aka. Kuan-I in Chinese. If you consult with my friends and colleague, they may think of me as a quite extroverted man. And also, I act with creativity, imagination, conviction, and sensitivity not to create the advantage, but to create balance.

It's easy for me to make connections with others. That's why I always try to take great care of other’s feelings. I am not idle dreamers, but capable of taking concrete steps to realize my goals and make a lasting positive impact.

I have....

Hold a Crowdfunding to build a customize mechanical keyboard at Taiwan by PTT-BBS social network. We got 60,000 USD and make it happen at 2005~2006, four years before Kickstarter founded.

The part-time job at Belgium to re-work one Intermodal container of floor lamps. (also a small trip to EU)

Be a visitor at electronic course cause by I want to DIY a Hi-Fi system. (And I build the amplifier and speaker by myself)

Travel around my country three times by motorcycle cause by I want to know every detail of my country.

Teaching digital marketing at KMU - College of Pharmacy - MBA from 2008~2009.

  • Work
    • Information Architect
  • Education
    • Master of Graphic Communication