Emily Assinder - B You

London and the southern counties

I have over 4 years experience of providing holistic therapies for clients, colleges and groups in the areas of self acknowledgement, change management, self awareness, nutritional learning and relaxation coaching and training.

Working with the knowledge and belief that we are all unique and there is only ever going to be one of you, then I have supported and worked with clients to connect with their inner self and express themselves fully.

Strongly working with my belief that we are all unqiue and understanding yourself is the most fundamental experience to stay true to your identity and intutiton then this is why my servies are a great combination and support to be true to YOU and just B YOU.

Offering a range of holistic therapies including relaxation therapy, self awareness coaching and nutritional therapy then I know that you can be your best by being YOU, being balanced and being healthy. I am passionate and committed to delivering this purpose.

  • Education
    • Trained with the International College of Holistic Medicine