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Symptoms of using the wrong Essay-Writing Method

Have you ever caught yourself saying any of these statements to yourself? It’s very hard that’s why most of students are used to pay to write essay at professional educational websites! If so, it might be that you have been following the wrong essay-writing methods.

I don't know how to start my essay.

I've spent way too long working on this section and now I have no words/time left for the next one.

I've just changed my opinion and I'm already halfway through.

My word count is way under - I need to pad it out a bit.

My word count is way over - I'll never fit everything in.

I've used some clever-sounding long wordsI found in a thesaurus.

I don't know what my conclusion should be.

I have way too many/few references.

I can't remember what I am supposed to be arguing here.

I have twenty great points to make - I'll have to keep each one brief.

So what makes a great Essay?

The process of writing a good essay should be very systematic, but not all of students can write it, so they ask “i need someone to write a paper for me” and you won't get the best marks without hard work. While an essay written in an exam may only take sixty minutes or less to write, many hours of preparation will also be spent before you go into the exam hall, making sure that there are no surprises in the exam itself, and ensuring that every word you write is accumulating marks.

Longer assignments will obviously take longer to write, but this is not simply because there are more words to produce. If you're a good typist, writing out even several thousand words won't take you too long. The words themselves are seldom the problem. Instead, longer assignments take more time because they involve more detailed planning, more extensive research, more sophisticated structures and more rigorous editing. A degree-level essay may take over a week to write, a dissertation several weeks. At 80,000 words, a PhD thesis can take three or more years to research and write, for some over twice that long.

But no matter how long the assignment, the fundamentals are always the same. If you add all these ingredients in the right measures, you will get a persuasive and compelling piece of writing. If you omit any of them, or try to cut corners, the end result may be disappointing.