Emily Hunt

London, United Kingdom.

Emily Hunt specialises in using quantitative, qualitative and digital research to help her clients in the areas of strategy, branding, crisis management, communications and product development. She is one of those truly method neutral people who have moderated tons of focus groups, but also loves staring at segmentation data. She is also an avid reader, a writer of both fiction and non-fiction, a foodie, and slightly obsessed with both yoga and opera in her spare time. Not usually simultaneously.

Emily is a dual US/UK citizen and has a strong interest in politics on both sides of the Atlantic. She has an MA in Political Campaign Management from New York University and a BA from the University of Chicago. She started her career as a political operative in the States before moving into polling.

She is available for talks at industry events or in-house, as she has done previously for companies like Philips Electronics. She is also available for guest lecturing at Universities, and has previously given talks at Lafayette College in the United States and at the University of Chicago Booth Business School in London.