Emily Webber



I'm Emily, co-founder and Head of Research at The Insight Lab, a usability and user research consultancy based in Nottingham.

Work & Research

I graduated from The Univeristy of Dundee in 2009 with a first class honours degree in psychology, and recently completed a PhD with the Human Factors Research group & Horizon Doctoral Training Centre at the University of Nottingham.

I'm fascinated by the ways in which differences in cognition and behaviour affect technology use - from websites and mobile apps, to sat navs and video games, the different ways we interact with these systems means that no one experience is the same.

During my PhD, I investigated the different strategies that people adopt while navigating with a mobile device. My research showed that there are fundemental differences in these strategies, which affect the way that technology and environmental information are used together to navigate successfully.

I'm now working as Head of Research at the Insight Lab, a usability and user research consultancy. I'm passionate about digital experiences that are not only usable, but also beautiful and engaging. I love exploring new ways to understand users - in particular, how and why they interact with technology, and the best ways to support them so that they have an awesome experience :)

I also love...

Board games, cookbooks, lego minifigs, mountains & the sea, box sets, bad puns, my beautiful red sewing machine, real ale, exploring new places, stationary.....

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