Emlyn Mousley

With a great love for the oceans and seas, Emlyn Mousley supports various organizations such as the Cousteau Society (www.cousteau.org), a charity that assesses and safeguards the environment of the deep waters and protects our sea life for the future. An advocate for a better earth, Emlyn Mousley is a proponent of projects that labor to save the planet and regulate air pollution. Emlyn Mousley holds the conviction that the planet can be cleaner, safer, and free from excessive contamination and toxins in the food and water we consume, if the human race can become more conscious of the earth’s needs and work in harmony with each other. Actions such as utilizing natural and renewable resources as well as recycling can help decrease pollution and result in a less dangerous planet that can provide a future for our children.

Emlyn Mousley also helps many other causes involving green technology or seeking ways to replace human dependence on fossil fuels such as petroleum, coal, and natural gas. Some recognized alternative fuels that could be used for this purpose are biodiesel, chemically stored electricity (fuel cells and batteries), bio alcohol (butanol, ethanol, and methanol), vegetable oil, and other biomass sources. There are many alternative ways to harness the sun's power and our own planet's natural raw power like geothermic energy under the earths crust, wave power, and wind power. If the governments of our planet only spent the same amount of funds on the environment as they do on war, Emlyn Mousley believes we would have harnessed these environmentally friendly energy technologies many years ago.

A benevolent person, Emlyn Mousley also contributes his time and resources to a variety of charity endeavors. Emlyn Mousley gives donations to several organizations, including Doctors Without Borders (www.doctorswithoutborders.org), Self Help Africa (www.selfhelpafrica.org), and Smiley Faces Foundation (www.smileyfacesny.com).

For relaxation, Emlyn Mousley enjoys many hobbies, including collecting & drinking fine wines, single malt whisky, and antique artwork, as well as cooking for friends and family and environmentally minded scuba diving.