Emmanuel Dennis Ngongo

Emmanuel Dennis Ngongo is a Youth Development Consultant born in Kenya. He is the Country Leader of YES Kenya and the Coordinator of the YES Africa Regional Hub. He is a member of the International Youth Initiative Advisory Board of the Open Society Foundation (George Soros that plans strategies for development in empowering youth to become active citizens able to influence public life.

He is the Convener and Moderator of the National Youth Sector (NYSA) a Kenyan youth multi stakeholder change Alliance Focusing on Policy Dialogue. He is a Life Member of the Red Cross Society.

In recognition of his commitment to youth entrepreneurship and leadership in Africa, he was selected as the recipient of the 2010 scholarship of the Tällberg Foundation's David Sjögren Memorial Fund in Sweden that supports the development of young leaders from Africa. He has tremendous passion and
dedication to the development of youth in Africa. He believes that young people need a youth-branded platform, from where they can speak powerfully, take appropriate action, inspire and influence positive change with a catalytic impact. He has Founded the Green Teams Initiative- a Social Enterprise Business Model to curb climate change and at the same time create revenue streams for employment creation.