Emmanuele Zuccarelli

Musician in Delray Beach, Florida

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Emmanuele Zuccarelli is an immensely gifted artist with proficiency in music sessions and mixed-media artwork. His work has been widely acknowledged due to his remarkable projects for prestigious companies such as a fast-food chain, a luxury fashion brand, and an international airline in the Middle East. His illustrations, sculptures, and portraits combining graffiti-style designs are featured in print media and online ads. In 2020, he sought to refine his craft by exploring multimedia art, which incorporates visuals, music, motion graphics, and interactive elements. Even though he currently displays great enthusiasm for this form of artistry, it did not initially cross his mind during his teenage years growing up in Douglas County, Oregon, where he spent most of his time playing sports.

Upon graduating high school at 19, Zuccarelli attended Oregon State University - College of Liberal Arts to obtain higher education which helped him develop the same rigorous commitment he has today. In late 2023, he will be performing as a session drummer for an internationally renowned recording artist–a position that he has maintained since 2005–demonstrating how successful his versatile pursuits have become. He is married to his partner and fathering three children while mainly focusing on studio recordings. Emmanuele traveled across the Atlantic Ocean towards the end of 2023 to further demonstrate the potential he can achieve to collaborate live with another prominent recording artist in Europe.

  • Education
    • Oregon State University