Emmanuel Finnih

Teacher in Houston, TX

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Most people struggle with university courses. And they often don’t do so out of difficult. Instead, their struggles have to do with interest.

Many university students see their courses as irrelevant to the real world. What they learn seems too “text-book” based, with no chance of application after getting a job.

All assignments, course work, and studying seems to go towards that direction. And the end results are disinterest, a lack of concentration, and eventual course dropouts.

Fortunately, this changes with Emmanuel Finnih. He’s Texas Southern University’s star instructor. And he has a unique approach to teaching his courses!

Let’s start by looking at Mr. Finnih’s CV.

His educational background is as long as his career ladder – with a span of two decades (starting in 2001 – and continuing to 2021).

As for his career, Emmanuel Finnih has worked (and still is working) as Director of Marketing at Timeline Company. He has also experience as an editor at both the Houston Chronicle and the Battalion!

His journey in the marketing world is massive. It includes both academic accomplishments and real world marketing expertise.

And that’s what makes him an excellent fit for marketing instruction!

It gives students insight as to how they should brand themselves.

Through Emmanuel Finnih’s help, students can learn how to present themselves, their businesses, and any project they undertake for maximum gain.

Mr. Finnih’s courses helps students sell whatever idea or skill they have in the real world. It teaches them proper strategy creation, and the correct way to talk about themselves!

This makes his courses highly valuable for any business aspirant. Any student that wishes to become an entrepreneur can learn a great deal from Emmanuel Finnih’s courses!

The Right Way to Write.

Mr. Finnih has worked as a Contributing Editor at Houston Chronicle for close to 14 years. He has also worked as a Managing Editor at The Battalion for almost 4 years.

He has the experience to tell which publications sell, and what doesn’t. He can instruct students on the proper way to write PRs, and in a way that gets the market’s attention.

Also, with Emmanuel Finnih’s instructorship, students learn how to pick the selling points of any idea, person, or product. They can understand how to keep their audiences hooked. And they can effectively showcase that in the sales scripts they write!

Most courses teach theories and their histories. But Mr. Finnih’s instructorship takes a different direction.