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Document Verification First of all make sure you are able to provide all the files needed for the visa application. This includes your passport. You need to include all the necessary documents with a scanned copy, so it will be easier for you to submit an application to the embassy. Sao Tome e-Visa: No Longer A Mystery Okay, so let us move on to the next suggestion. If you feel the whole process of the visa program will require over a week then it is time to acquire the required files ready.

Your Visa Program If you want to apply for the visa through internet then you need to be certain that you are having an updated profile as well. This profile will enable the site to know that who you are and what kind of visa you're applying for. Consequently, if you're still not familiar about the process then get a tutorial from the website and observe what happens. Sao Tome e-Visa: No Longer A Mystery Just as with any other program process it will take a day or two for the visa application to be processed.

Follow the Steps If you want to apply for the visa through the website then it would be a fantastic idea if you follow the steps carefully. Do not rush it. The processing time may also increase. You do not need to worry however. There are a number of other men and women who implemented the same exact way as you so they may be a good source of advice.

Check the Status After the application is complete, it might take as much as a month before you'll get the visa. If the application doesn't get accepted then you can apply for another one. Keep on looking to learn more about the process. The official site of the embassies will have detailed information on the process.

Last but Not Least Before you employ to make sure to make the necessary details. The Visa Application Form is the most significant and you need to have that handy so you won't eliminate anything. When you find an e-mail notification from the embassy requesting you to send a facsimile then you've got to click the link on the confirmation page. Fill in the required information and fax the required documents. You might also check out the official website of Sao Tome and you're able to use the forum to ask questions.