Emrah Gündüz

Lead Developer and Software Architect in Istanbul, Turkey

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I’m a self-educated/self-learned app developer, writing code from the age of 12. My main profession is on digital signal + data processing, but I'm also good at problem-solving and custom building algorithms for hard solutions.

Some of the big projects I worked on needed these solutions, which were built by me and/or a team I lead:

A custom data protocol for TCP communications between backend services and mobile applications. Packaging and delivery solutions for big but clustered data files from backend to client for the web. Grid solver and generator for word games with custom written algorithms (similar to Scrabble solvers).

Data grid/table solution for web clients with column sorting, hide/view, position changing capabilities. Direct connection to data for manipulation and CRUD operations, Excel-style view possibility.

Audio engines for iOS and Android mobile devices. Encoder/decoder solutions for backend microservice daemons.

UTF8 capable trie, dictionary and data tree solutions for random code generators, word solvers and similar projects.

Swift microservices.

For the last 3 years, I’ve been developing neural networks and deep learning solutions for internal projects. CNN, SOM and DNN types are developed for audio recognition, music categorization, harmonized playlist generation, music relationship determination, data categorization and fraud detection for games, classification solutions.