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The expense of the type of visa is lower compared to the cost of a normal E.U. visa. When applying to get a free Lithuanian visa, you must pay a non-refundable application fee that has no processing fee.

What exactly is that the Lithuanian Estonia Security Agency? Lithuanian Estonia is a historic nation-state in Eastern Europe. It's often referred to as the Republic of Lithuania, the smallest nation on earth. It shares its border with Russia and other countries, but unlike other countries, it's close connections with the European Union.

What is the Lithuania E Euphra for EU citizens of Israel? The Lithuania E Euphra is a free-of-entry visa application that permits visitors from EU states to input Vilnius, that's the capital of Lithuanian Estonia. It is basically an electronic visa waiver scheme designed to enhance border security. It enables the authorities to monitor people who do not need a visa to enter Lithuania or another country. In effect, it enables tourists to pass through physical check points, rather than the physical process of queuing for visa cards.

Why would you want a Lithuanian E Euphra visa waiver? The Lithuania E Euphra visa waiver is available for tourists travelling to Vilnius, which is the centre of Lithuania's tourism industry. Vilnius is also the main tourist hub in Estonia, meaning that there is a big influx of visitors for the part of the Baltic Sea each year. In case you've got your passport or your flight is going to depart from a UK airport, then you may apply online for this free visa. You do not have to acquire a new passport or some other traveling documents. However, if you currently have a Lithuanian passport, you will have to present this prior to starting the application form.