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The shade order can additionally be discovered in the container's Stat switches, which are color-reversed compared to the pattern in the class tree. The game setting selection buttons as well as colored Accomplishments checklist also use this pattern. No matter conjecture, these colors do not appear to represent anything besides a basic order pattern to extra conveniently differentiate tanks apart when rapidly choosing an upgrade for now.
Tiers are stood for in the Course Tree, shown on the picture to the right, as a series of concentric rings including every container in the game. In the direct facility of the Class Tree is the gamer's storage tank. The very first ring consists of Tier 2 tanks, the 2nd ring has Rate 3 tanks, and the outer ring contains Rate 4 tanks. Areas shaded black on the tree suggest an inaccessible Upgrade in that rate; as an example, one must press overlook as soon as after the Fundamental Tank to reach the Smasher.