YaMaEL Cash

Spiritual Energy Healer & Enlightenment Coach in Florida

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Greetings of love to you Beautiful One!

I am YaMa'EL Cash, an Intuitive Energy Healer, Higher Self Channel & Master of DNA Activation. I am a Self Healing Facilitator & Enlightenment Coach.

I teach others who are ready to take responsibility for their lives how to heal themselves and create the life of their dreams from the inside out and to embody their highest divine potential.

Divinity Code Energy Healing is for those who are being called from within to step out of the box of 3rd & 4th Dimensional Consciousness to step into 5th Dimensional Oneness, leaving separation consciousness and duality behind.

It is time for each of us to clear our DNA so we can reconnect with our Higher Selves and take responsibility for creating every experience that we have ever had and begin to recreate a new life based in the New Multidimensional Reality of Love, Joy, Divine Health and an Abundance of all that the New Earth Energies have to offer in the 5th dimension and beyond as we ascend and become our true Divine Selves.

If you desire to stand in your power as a multidimensional being of light and love then it is no accident that you are here now reading this page. I invite you to click my website link below and follow your inner guidance to all that is in alignment with your Divine Path and purpose for being on this earth.

Find out more at https://divinitycodes.com


I am now offering Metaphysical Healing Crystals that are infused with Divine Grace and Healing Codes for sale in my eBay Store!

I also offer Genuine Crystal Buddha Maitreya Etheric Weavers for sale for those who are ready to step out and begin their personal self healing journey.


You are loved beyond your wildest dreams!

In Love and Oneness I AM


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