Enitan Ekwotafia

Nurse Practitioner in Minnesota, USA

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Enitan Ekwotafia believes in the social dynamics of working out as well. Clients achieve new levels of fitness via personal relationships and collective responsibility. That is why her ""next level"" contradicts existing industry tendencies. Despite the fact that the pandemic drove personal trainers online, the Personal Trainer Development Center revealed that more than 83 percent of those polled want to continue providing these services.

Enitan Ekwotafia is not publicly opposing this hybrid model, and her ideal does not exist in the digital era. Enitan Ekwotafia wants to establish her own physical store. As a fitness ""boutique,"" she intends to focus on the non-physical needs of training, including boot camp, full-body, and group exercise classes. She is also returning to school in order to achieve these objectives. She is pursuing a Fitness Nutrition Specialist certification via ACE. With this specialisation, she can assist customers in making educated choices that will benefit their whole life.