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Enlivened by our recollections of experiencing childhood in Hawaii, we bring the island flows from our home to yours. Olala, articulated OH-lah-lah signifies "sun-kissed" - and that is by and large how we feel about our items. Every single taste of our effervescent refreshments taste like a kiss from the sun.
Our basic qualities are molded by the islands: love your life, love what you do, and love individuals you serve. So regardless of whether you're tasting on Olala poolside or airing out one for a cookout on the ocean front, we trust our items motivate you to lead with adoration in all that you do - in light of the fact that we're ohana now.
Made with unadulterated sweetener, there's something for everybody in our line of tropical drinks. Including full-range marijuana oil, high carbonation levels, and premium bundling, we reliably convey the most elite in flavor profiles, beginning stage time, and expertly adjusted impacts, regardless of the character or THC measurements.
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