Jeff Stone

Artist, Designer, and Educator in La Salle, Colorado

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Going back and forth from the graphic and fine art worlds I find myself working with ideas and concepts to help develop an end solution. Be it for a customer or my personal work. Art and Design are all about solving a problem. No matter the medium be it a logo, a website, a poster, or a painting it's about finding the best solution. How is the work balanced? How it’s laid out? Its ability to work across different platforms. Is the typography done correctly? Are the marks interesting? Is there a high level of craftsmanship? Answers to these will determine what side of success it lies for any work.
I believe this is what fuels my love for illustration as it is a mix of both the commercial and fine art worlds.Growing up and still today I'm always filling in any blank space I find with sketches. Creating is a major part of my life, and thankfully sharing those ideas helps pay the bills.
I find myself drawn to line and how it’s used to define or suggest an image. I want to see the artists’ hand at work. As this is a goal of mine for my own art. I find just as much interest in the way a Calvin and Hobbes’ bedroom is drawn as in the Mona Lisa. #artiststatement

  • Work
    • ENOTS Art & Design
  • Education
    • University of Northern Colorado Art and Design with Art Education K-12