Reina 「麗」

Actor in Tokyo, Japan

Reina 「麗」

Actor in Tokyo, Japan

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British lass in Tokyo, working as a voice actress, actress & kimono model in both the Japanese & English language.


Once upon a time, there was a girl on a tiny island in Western Europe who dared to dream a big dream of someday of attending and graduating at a voice acting school in an island in the Far East called Japan.
11 years later in 2013, she brought and saw that dream to fruition and lived happily ever after.
The end!

So one would think.
So what happens after the ‘happily ever after’ ?

The real adventure begins...
Here's to making it to the stars on the wings of your love and support! <3

Media & Interviews
★ Listen to my first podcast interview on JapanKyo. (Sep 2020)
Read the latest about me on MET here! (July 2017)
Read my story on Japan Times here! (Sep 2016)

Latest News & Event Highlights!

★Dec 2021 Edo-Tokyo Japan Festival
Performed as a kimono model and actor.
★ March 2021, performed as a kimono model and classical Japanese dancer in NPO ReFashion's Great East Japan Quake 10th anniversary support event. Watch here.
★ Sep 2017, will perform in my first official event as a Japanese voice-actress in the "Hajimari no Tobira" reading recital.
★ Oct 2016, starred in "The Crucible" in Japanese at Theatre Cocoon in Tokyo. Notable actors include Shinichi Tsutsumi, Yasuko Matsuyuki, Haru Kuroki & Junpei Mizobata.
★ April 2016, English narrator for "Intro to Realist Paintings" at Hoki Muesum in Chiba. Check out the video here!
★ April 2016, starred in the Tokyo production of "Seven The Play", currently touring globally to raise awareness on women's rights.
★ Dec 2014, modelled for lolita fashion and make up tutorial for dark-skinned women. Check out the videos here!
★ July 2013, appeared in my first live chat show event with silent film (benshi) narrator Ichiro Kataoka.

  • Work
    • Actor, voice actor, model
  • Education
    • Oxford Brookes University
    • Tokyo School of Anime