Entourage Management Group

Direct Marketing, B2B Sales, and Consulting in Orlando, Florida

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Entourage Management Group is an Orlando-based marketing and sales firm that specializes in B2B consulting and direct customer service. Our company represents world-renowned clientele in industries ranging from mobile communications to satellite broadcastings. We have created this About.me page to better explain our marketing and sales approach, the services we offer, and the career opportunities we provide!

We get to know our customers on a personal level and are able to address any concerns, answer all questions, and build genuine interest in their needs. Due to our exceptional customer service practices at Entourage Management Group, we make sure we create the best possible experience for the customer as well as provide results our clients are looking for.

Our innovative marketing firm embraces the entrepreneurial mindset and drives individual empowerment. Entourage Management Group feels that it is our duty to provide a fair advancement opportunity to all team members within the company, hence the reason for our fast-paced Management Training Program. Our program is results-driven and committed to unleashing our team's potential.

Entourage Management Group achieves its goals by 1) Supporting initiatives that encourage and enable our team members to benefit from and participate in the growth of our company and 2) Maintaining a high standard of quality instruction to better equip our team members with tools and information they need to attain a maximum level of effectiveness.

To learn even more about Entourage Management Group, please visit any of our social media sites listed below, or feel free to contact our Department of Human Resources at [email protected]!

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