Environmental Industries

Lutherville, MD, US

A green lighting and fixture supplier, Environmental Industries offers quality products backed by an industry-leading service agreement. Each of its products reflects the company's commitment to environmental sustainability as well as its dedication to client satisfaction. Environmental Industries thus strives to ensure that each client receives the products that they need within a convenient time frame and that the same products serve the client's needs and commitment to energy conservation. Client-focused in all of its operations, the company takes care to explain its inventory, special offers, and ordering process to each buyer.

Founded by maintenance professionals in Lutherville, MD, Environmental Industries features a specially designed ordering process targeted at optimizing the user experience. Company founders created this process to be one that they themselves would be pleased to use, a goal that has resulted in increased customer satisfaction. Maintaining this commitment throughout the customer relationship, Environmental Industries of Lutherville, MD, offers a service guarantee that promises no-cost replacement of any product in its line for a period of 120 months or 10 years.

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