ERA Fresh

Rutherford, NJ

We at ERA Justin Realty Co. have busy lives. Our agents wanted to create a way that we could eat healthy while helping our community do the same. We are so proud to create our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) partnership. It's good for us and our community!

ERA Justin Reatly Co. of Rutherford, NJ has partnered with a local farm to bring fresh produce to our local community. You’ve heard of the benefits of buying local – now we’re offering you a great way to enjoy fruits and vegetables grown right here in NJ and have the opportunity to make an investment in these locally grown foods, which in turn helps to keep New Jersey green!

We at ERA Justin believe in doing our part to help our community stay healty. We also are dedicated to helping support our local economy. Money spent with local farmers & growers all stays close to home, working to build our local economy instead of being handed over to a corporation in another city, state, or country. Since the food moves through fewer hands, more of the money you spend tends to get to the people growing it.

We are excited and we hope you are too! Here's to a Healthy 2013 season!

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