Eric Bowersox

Denver, CO

I am a professional software engineer in the SaaS field, with wide-ranging experience across two decades, and advocate of open source, with expertise in online community systems. I was the system administrator for Electric Minds from 2001 to 2009, and the author of the software it ran, the Venice Web Communities System. I am also a Second Life Resident and an EVE Online capsuleer. I am mainly a political conservative, and I also enjoy science fiction and cats. As an online DJ in Second Life, I have been exposed to many kinds of music that I like, but I particularly like the work of Nightwish, Genesis, and Marillion, as well as music from the 1980's.

I was born in the San Diego area and have family roots there, and my degree comes from UC Santa Barbara on California's South Coast, but I now live a mile above all that, in Denver, Colorado. I live with my fiancee Sabrina, our cat Penelope, and enough computers to run a startup. (I'm a gadget was my grandfather, and I think I inherited the gene.)

  • Work
    • IQNavigator Inc.
  • Education
    • University of California, Santa Barbara