Gergely Erdélyi

Artist, Father, and Musician in Hungary

Gergely Erdélyi

Artist, Father, and Musician in Hungary

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I am a people person, a communicator and a tech-savvy audiovisual creator.

I have 20+ years of experience in communicating, connecting people, creating and expressing ideas over different platforms, networks, languages, domains, and formats.

Currently I am a lecturing spanish teacher at AKG Budapest secondary school.

Recently I have been managing projects for an LSP (language service provider).

I am a well versed generalist embracing the fields of

- arts and humanities

- IT/tech

- management/administration

- translation/interpreting

- sound engineering and sound design

- music composition

- photography/videography

- graphic design/DTP

I have an extensive vocabulary in all languages I use (Spanish-English-Hungarian), and have a high level of representational, communications and people-centered soft skills.

I am efficient in connecting people of different backgrounds or orientations. I get along with confidence in international/corporate and/or artist/creative/high profile environments.

I have a considerably high level of education in humanities, art, (especially in music) and social fields.

I also have experience working in official/corporate/administrative fields. Have worked and traveled in educational/business/communications projects.

I have an artist's approach and aesthetic, have applied art skills as well as years of driving routine.

I have an interest in keeping up to date in the fields of technology related to art, media, communication and hi-tech.

I am also interested/invested in issues of spirituality, new paradigms and self-development.

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