Eri Sánchez

Journalist, Entrepreneur, and Editor in Londres, Reino Unido

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My name is Erica Sánchez, I am a digital journalist, young entrepreneur and 2017 Tow-Knight Entrepreneurial Journalism Fellow at CUNY Graduate School of Journalism in New York.

I am the Global Citizen Spanish Editor, reporting directly to the New York office.

In 2017 I launched a newsletter and media outlet to educate and bring solutions for climate change.

In 2016 I graduated as a Member of the Made in New York Media Center, Creative to Founder Lab.

I am also the Director (and Founder) of an online media specialized in meteorology, climate change, and natural disasters, where I work as an editor and digital content curator. During 2015-2016 I worked as a contributor & translator at BuzzFeed Español. I define myself as a problem-solver, a digital creature and a creative, curious person.

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I studied journalism and started to work in media at the age of 22.

I worked for several national publications including TXT (Revista Textual), Diario PERFIL during three years, Revista Viva (Grupo Clarín), Revista Rumbos (Grupo La Nación) and Diario Río Negro, among others.

I also worked as a Senior content marketing writer for one of the most innovative digital agencies in Argentina (2005-2007), where I've learned almost everything I know about the web: social media, creativity, SEO and digital marketing. In WebAr I worked for international accounts like Nestlé, Procter & Gamble and General Motors.

In 2009 I won the “Best Article of the year (2008) Award” for DIARIO PERFIL. In 2012 FNPI - Gabriel García Márquez- honored me with a fellowship in “Digital culture in cultural journalism” with Gumersindo Lafuente and Olga Lucía Lozano, in Mérida, México.

My passion is to help people: I worked with absolutely no resources in Patagonia Argentina, when a volcano erupted in 2011 and I informed a community of +250k readers through social media and on my website, with accurate information.

TiempoPatagonico was featured in the Wall Street Journal, an internal Cambridge University paper and declared of National Interest by the National Argentinian Parliament.

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