Eric Montoya

Business Development Executive in San Jose, CA

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Acheivement, Learning, Engagement, Social Relevance, Philanthropy... so many things resonate with us as humans, but we often don't have the chance to realize their potential.

I love pushing the boundaries and ways that companies can innovate.

I live on the bleeding edge of technology; specifically - big data, mobility, social media, wearables, the internet of things, behavioral marketing, gamification, visual commerce and the social science behind how we communicate.

Putting 2 & 2 together - seeing the connections and articulating the innate value; those basic tenants are a core fulfillment of what I enjoy most.

My passion is to develop solutions that help businesses achieve. Transparency is something often lacking in today's world - better articulation and greater contextual insight opens doors and understanding about friends, co-workers, customers, partners and employees. That sharpening of one another makes us better people and enables change.