Erica Berger

Writer, Host, and Investor in Los Angeles, California

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Mixing mystery, magic, and media.

I'm an award-winning LA based writer, host, strategist, angel investor, comedian, and yoga teacher active in the journalism, media, and social good spaces.

I nerd out around international relations, resource management (natural and cultural), the future of news, consciousness, spirituality, and on how technology is constantly changing our world.

Right now, I'm a freelance journalist, comedian, and the creator and host of the TBD podcast. You can listen on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, and on our website. I teach Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, and studied under Harijiwan, Tej, Gurujas, and Guru Jagat, some of the preeminent teachers of the 5,000+ year old lineage. I also am passionate about cities, and work in my family's business maintaining and restoring historic architecture and property in the Chicago area.

I am a Forbes 30 Under 30 who spent the last few years building one of the first slow news companies, Catchpool, while also writing for Fast Company, Quartz, Vox, and more. Before that, I lived and worked in New York City for eight years on product, digital strategy, and partnerships for NewsCorp, The Week, Storyful (acquired by News Corp) and The Economist. In 2012, I started the Mileage Media newsletters with some amazing friends, which built community between LA, SF, NYC, and London. Before graduating from The University of Southern California (USC) with honors, I started my career in environmental storytelling, working on the Sundance winning documentary FUEL, and cut my chops writing as an indie music blogger.

I'm a board member of NPR's Generation Listen and love public media. I'm also the founding ambassador of Sandbox LA and a StartingBloc fellow. When I'm not collecting and sharing honest and optimistic stories, you can find me surfing, hiking, traveling, cooking vegetarian food, or on the dance floor.