Eric W. Andersson

Long Beach, CA

Eric hails from Las Vegas, NV but has allowed his wanderlust to take him all over the globe. The son of a suburban homemaker and a deputy sheriff, he grew up with an avid fascination for all types of movies, especially those of the more fantastical kind such as action, horror, thriller, and sci/fi. Determined to become a writer, he dedicated himself to honing his literary skills while stoking the fires of his intense and sometimes frightening imagination. To this end, he earned a bachelor's degree in English from the University of South Florida, where he worked fulltime and attended classes on his lunch breaks.

While in college, he began writing his first feature-length screenplay, The Scent of Red. It's the chilling story of a shy, reclusive artist who is relentlessly stalked by a serial killer and struggles to save herself and those she loves from the terrifying murderer obsessed with the scent of her blood. Think Silence of the Lambs meets Queer as Folk.

The Scent of Red was selected as a semi-finalist in the 2012 Outfest Screenwriting Contest and was ranked in the top 25% of the 2012 PAGE International Screenwriting Awards.

He also recently completed a second screenplay, Soul Survivor, a heart-pounding action/drama where Salt meets Point of No Return. It's the story of a beautiful, timid, college coed, whose family was brutally murdered ten years ago, who discovers the soul of a female assassin inhabiting her body. Now, as the same murderer strikes again, she must rely on the assassin within to save her life.

Eric currently lives in Long Beach, CA with his partner and feline daughters, where he has several more projects in various stages of development.