Erica Olson Jeffrey

I am a writer, editor, translator and creator of handcrafted jewelry. Writing, editing and translating are my work. Communication through writing (and just about every other medium of sharing self and information) is my calling. I published a collection of short stories, titled Omaha Beach, in 2008. To date, I've edited more than 300 books. Currently, I'm working on a screenplay and looking for a buyer for my sitcom pilot. On a typical day, I edit translations of French comic books and graphic novels, teach English and language arts to college students, and work in my eclectic home garden. When writing fiction and poetry or creating jewelry and other beadwork, I'm inspired by family and friends, memories, overheard conversations, the glorious world we inhabit, and the creative works of those around me (especially of my highly creative family). Here's a good quote I heard, which applies aptly to the creative urges inside us: "A fire left untended becomes just a pile of ashes." Don't leave your fire untended!