Eric Bogs

Brooklyn, NY

I am an entrepreneur and engineering leader based in New York. I’ve been building web and mobile applications since 1996, and in the last 19 years I have enjoyed building and launching a variety of products at Google, Spotify, Yahoo!, Etsy and elsewhere.

I'm driven by technology, and connecting people through content or shared experiences. I love solving impossible problems pragmatically using technology and by inspiring teams to great things.

My passion is technical product development—building and leading motivated product/engineering teams to rapidly create, launch, and iterate on products. I specialize in aligning business, product, and technology goals, and delivering measurable results.

My technical strengths are in mobile and web application architecture, design, and performance, as well as internationalization, mobile, and front-end technologies. I love social, music, and consumer applications.

My formal technical education focused on interface design and multithreaded application design at Caltech. My formal artistic education centered on typography and letterform design at Art Center.

  • Work
    • Google
  • Education
    • Caltech
    • Art Center