Eric Dalius

A longtime marketing professional featured in the Network Marketing Business Journal, Eric Dalius currently serves Isagenix International, LLC as its marketing guru. Dr. Keith Laggos, a 30-year multi-level marketing (MLM) veteran and author of the Network Marketing Business Journal, credited Dalius as an up-and-coming force in the MLM field. Eric Dalius has shown extensive success with promoting companies seeking new growth opportunities. In one of his early jobs as a sales representative with the MCI Communications Corp., in one year he earned the distinction as the top sales representative in his category, out of 35,000 employees. Launching a career in marketing shortly after, Dalius saw continued success with companies such as Telecom Solutions Inc., the American Communications Network Inc., LifeTronix, Prepaid Legal Services, Inc., and International Marketing Concepts. A contributor to the Learning Annex’s Real Estate & Wealth Expos, Eric Dalius worked alongside real estate mogul Donald Trump and author Robert Kiyosaki. While working in the travel industry, Dalius used a bi-level matrix compensation program for My Travel Club USA, building the customer base by 10,000 in just three months. Eric Dalius is currently awaiting publication of his own book based on his experience in the marketing industry. An admirer of several successful wealth-building books, he names Dale Carnegie, Norman Vincent Peale, and Napoleon Hill among his favorite authors.