Erich Squire

Finance in Portage, IN

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Erich is committed to helping others in his community. After his home was rescued from destruction in a house fire, he volunteered as a volunteer fireman in Ogden Dunes for three years. He finished Firefighting training modules one and two, as well as EMT training one, for this position. Despite the fact that he has relocated out of the Ogden Dunes region, he continues to financially support the department. Squire has also served on the board of the Louisville Jazz Society, where he was in charge of assisting in the recruitment of young jazz talent to the Louisville region.

Erich Squire has worked as a self-employed business consultant since 2017. Squire's vast financial knowledge and expertise enable him to deliver "different strategic and analytic services, ranging from quantitative to qualitative" to businesses of all sizes in this capacity. To help customers expand their companies and overcome financial and HR difficulties, he draws on his extensive experience in financial analysis, forecasting, modeling, business plan creation/review, data analysis, financial modeling, change management, and actuarial analysis.

Squire has worked in finance for the most of his career, including nine years at Century Aluminum in the greater Chicago region, where he rose through the ranks from Human Resources expert to Senior Vice President of Finance. Squire managed the Century's reporting, investor relations, and accounting in his capacity as the company's most senior financial officer.