Eric Hyman


I often say I went into advertising having watched way too much TV as a child. Of course I'm joking, but there's a shred of truth to it, too. From early on, I've loved the power of great ideas and stories. And how they come together in the marketing world.

The business is quite different now than when I began. But the focus on great ideas is still the same. And that's what keeps me energized by what advertising and marketing have turned into today.

You can learn more about my background at the links below. But the basics are I began at one of the most influential agencies of its day in NY, somehow ended up working in the tech space, moved to Atlanta to help build one of the best tech focused agencies in the country, followed by a bunch of years at global ad giant JWT. Today, after a brief detour into the world of social intelligence/social TV, I'm the CMO of a sharp, agile agency in Atlanta called The Partnership.

I'm still as enamored with the ad game as ever, and I still believe 100% in the power of great ideas, but I'm also fascinated by the convergence of traditional and social media. And I'm out to help marketers and brands that feel the same way make the most of it.

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