Erick A. Fabian

Musician, Writer, and graphic artist in General Trias, Cavite, Philippines

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Hi! I am Erick A. Fabian Sr. I am a musician, writer, journalist, music composer, lyricist, graphic artist, nerd-for-hire, research ninja, record producer, sound designer, resource speaker, self-taught audio engineer, and entrepreneur.

I play for the Filipino synth-rock band called CERUMENTRIC. I run the music netlabel TicTiger! Productions (aka UnderStanding Sound Recordings) . I invented the constructed language Talümena. I wrote academic papers with my wife about Filipino electronic music. I am passionate about collecting recorded music that I have them in four formats: mp3s, cassette tapes, CDs and vinyl. I have done papercraft art using construction paper, ink and discarded milk cartons. I advocate homeschooling. I salvage discarded technology. I've made audio recordings of music over a span of 20 years, from old-school home-taping to professional digital audio in my makeshift home studio. I do production and remix work for other artists as well. I've drawn comix too.

I compose music scores for short videos, edit digital audio, create graphic designs, and write articles for newspapers, magazines, and websites.

I speak and write articles and social media posts in English (native level C2), Filipino (native level C2), and Japanese (conversant B1).

  • Work
    • TicTiger! Productions
  • Education
    • University Of The Philippines - Diliman