KIRENGA aka EricSoul

Musician, Consultant, and Artist in Rwanda

KIRENGA aka EricSoul

Musician, Consultant, and Artist in Rwanda

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By love of culture & passionate understanding of the power music holds, my journey is one of discovery and boundary-pushing musical adventures bridging culture and linking people through space, time and rhythms.


"... Some people have the energy to literally move a mountain - Eric Soul is a one of them people. Rwandese born DJ, event producer, TV host of Wahala and centre of the AFROGROOV collective, Soul carries his name well. He has performed internationally with some of the biggest names on the African-Urban scene.

GAYLENE GOULD _ BFI Curator & Event Manager


Rwandese born award nominated DJ, event producer, Radio and TV host, he is the founder and creative force behind the afropean music network AFROGROOV, Soul carries his name well.

From his London base, the ambitious DJ developed AFROGROOV from a music policy defining his sound signature, to an influential monthly DJ platform to become in a few years an international company delivering DJ-led music events, multi-media art, Radio & TV shows, workshops and ground-breaking live performances.

Shared the stage of stellar artits such as Amadou & Mariam, Femi & Seun Kuti, Keziah Jones, Gael Faye, Simphiwe Dana, Afrikaa Bambataa on various international platforms such as Notting Hill Carnival (UK), Printemps De Bourges (France), Womex (Spain/Denemark), Sauti Za Busare (Zanzibar), Selam (Ethiopia/Sweden), World Cup Official Launch (Berlin) etc...

Back to his homeland Rwanda since 2012, ES spearheaded some wide and diverse multi- disciplinary creative innovations.


An ever-expanding network of creatives individuals and organisations on the move with a finger on the pulse constantly pushing culture forward.

Through activities and happenings and connecting creative people, ideas and concepts, they creates opportunity to sparks new conversations about afro culture in the 21st century.

AFROGROOV conceive and implement projects. We offers a range of consultative creative services, advises, project-management and facilitation to corporates, governments, NGOs and diplomatic institutions.

Previous partners and clients:

The High Commissioner of Canada, Belgian Embassy, Institut Francais in Rwanda, the Nike Foundation, Tele10 Group, The Coca Cola Company, UNDP, OIM, The European Union Delegation, Goethe Institute amongst others.

Contact us when you are in need of enhancing your project with a creative, edgy and innovative cultural approach.

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