Eric Still, MIS

Network Engineer in Moab, Utah

To whom it may concern,

In 2004, I began to enroll in classes at ITT Technical Institute for the Computer Networking associates degree program. During the two year program I studied all aspects of the networking technologies. At the time the main focus contained information dealing with and around Cisco Technologies. The focus contained all aspects for networking protocols, WAN, and LAN technologies. Wireless technologies and the impacts to the industry with the implementation needs and focus for the industry. This program also taught the basic administration tasks for all versions of Window products mainly those required for all version of Window Server.

In 2009, I began the Bachelors program at ITT Technical Institute for IT Security. This program covered all aspects for the implementation requirements for IT Security and the focus for which is required for the Security aspects of all industries. I have a great deal of experience with the overall uses for Virtual Machines including the use of VMware and Virtual Box. This program also covered all the aspects of WAN and LAN technologies for the use of all aspects ranging from corporate to private implementations. During this program I have gained an extensive amount of experience with the use of all Windows operating systems, Linux operating systems including Debain, BackTrack 3 & 4, CentOS, Fedora, Redhat, and Ubuntu. This program also covered Hardening Techniques, VPN, DMZ, Database systems, Backup and recovery techniques, and Data Storage technologies.

Two months after the completion of my bachelors program, I enrolled in the Masters of Information Systems (MIS) at the University of Phoenix which I am currently continuing classes to this date. The main focus for the MIS program is designed to provide the knowledge to apply information systems theory and principles to address the real world business opportunities and challenges. The MIS program applies the use of digital materials to understand the roles of business systems within the organization understand and apply the principles of system analysis and design, to analysis and evaluate information technologies, and to create project, risks, and information systems strategic planning.

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Eric J. Still, MIS

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