Eric Trautmann

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I've written for dice-and-paper games (notably, West End Games' long-defunct STAR WARS roleplaying Game), videogames (including CRIMSON SKIES, PERFECT DARK ZERO, and HALO: COMBAT EVOLVED), mainstream publishers (THE ART OF HALO for Ballantine / Del Rey), and comic books and graphic novels (including the DC Comics titles ACTION COMICS, ADVENTURE COMICS, THE SHIELD, JSA VS KOBRA, among others).

For Dynamite Entertainment, I have written titles as varied as the sword-and-sorcery epic RED SONJA, the pulp-sci fi actioner FLASH GORDON: ZEITGEIST, the horror procedural VAMPIRELLA and the pulp-western LADY RAWHIDE. More recently, I've contributed short comics stories to Dynamite's anthology comics RED SONJA #100, VAMPIRELLA: FEARY TALES, VAMPIRELLA #100, and the forthcoming VAMPIRELLA #1969.

For DC/VERTIGO, I co-wrote SHOOTERS (with Brandon Jerwa), a serious look at PTSD and modern warfare, which won a PRISM award for its accuracy.

I am the graphic designer/book designer for the acclaimed Image Comics series LAZARUS (by Greg Rucka and Michael Lark) and the forthcoming BLACK MAGICK (also by Rucka, with illustrator Nicola Scott).

I have provided consulting/story development to various videogame companies, including Microsoft Studios, Epic, and Radical, and given talks on worldbuilding and working in a shared universe for Blizzard.

Under my "Fedora Monkey Studio" banner, I provide logo and print design services (including letterheads, business cards, album covers, and more) to a variety of clients in a variety of business categories (from retail to publishing and entertainment media). For more samples of my design work, visit my portfolio on Behance.