Eric Trautmann

Designer, Art Director, and Writer in Lacey, Washington

Eric Trautmann

Designer, Art Director, and Writer in Lacey, Washington

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I've written for dice-and-paper games (notably, West End Games' STAR WARS roleplaying Game), videogames (including CRIMSON SKIES, PERFECT DARK ZERO, and HALO: COMBAT EVOLVED), mainstream publishers (THE ART OF HALO for Ballantine / Del Rey), and comic books and graphic novels (including the DC Comics titles ACTION COMICS, ADVENTURE COMICS, THE SHIELD, JSA VS KOBRA, among others).

For Dynamite Entertainment, I have written titles as varied as the sword-and-sorcery epic RED SONJA, the pulp-sci fi actioner FLASH GORDON: ZEITGEIST, the horror procedural VAMPIRELLA and the pulp-western LADY RAWHIDE. I have contributed short comics stories to Dynamite's anthology comics RED SONJA #100, VAMPIRELLA: FEARY TALES, VAMPIRELLA #100, and VAMPIRELLA #1969.

For DC/VERTIGO, I co-wrote SHOOTERS (with Brandon Jerwa), a serious look at PTSD and modern warfare, which won a PRISM award for its accuracy.

I am the graphic designer/book designer for the acclaimed Image Comics series LAZARUS (by Greg Rucka and Michael Lark), BLACK MAGICK (also by Rucka, with illustrator Nicola Scott), and THE OLD GUARD (again, by Rucka, with illustrator Leandro Fernández).

I co-wrote several issues of a LAZARUS miniseries, "LAZARUS: X +66," with a rotating roster of artists including Steve Lieber, Mack Chater, Bilquis Evely, Justin Greenwood, Tristan Jones, and Alitha Martinez.

I have provided consulting/story development to various videogame companies, including Microsoft Studios, Epic, and Radical, and given talks on worldbuilding and working in a shared universe for Blizzard.

I have also taken on design duties for Tesladyne, LLC, creating original material and book designs for ATOMIC ROBO and REAL SCIENCE ADVENTURES, both in hardcover (via their crowdfunded endeavors) and in softcover (published through IDW).

In 2016, I joined forces with Adamant Entertainment, acting as a free-range "minister without portfolio," handling editing, writing, art direction, layout & graphic design chores on several of the company's roleplaying game products. This included re-designing the company's logo and trade dress, and updating the trade dress of several existing (and forthcoming) game lines.

Under my "Fedora Monkey Studio" banner, I provide logo and print design services (including letterheads, business cards, album covers, and more) to a variety of clients in a variety of business categories (from retail to publishing and entertainment media).