Eric Van Hensbergen

Eric is currently a distinguished engineer at ARM Research in Austin, TX leading the software and large scale systems research group. The group's activities include exploring the place of ARM within high performance computing, data centers, and investigating next generation concepts in operating systems, runtimes, and systems software.

Previously, he was a research staff member in the Future Systems department at IBM's Austin Research Lab. Over the past ten years at IBM, he has worked on distributed operating systems for high performance computing, low-power dense server and network processor appliance blades, DRAM power management, full system simulation, high performance computing, hypervisors, and the Linux operating system. Before coming to IBM, he worked for four years at Lucent Technologies Bell Laboratories on the Plan 9 and Inferno operating systems. His current research focuses on exploring new operating system and distributed system techniques for systems with hundreds of thousands to millions of cores. Eric received a B.S. in Computer Science from the Rochester Institute of Technology in 1996 and has attended graduate courses in Computer Science at Stanford.