Eric Willems

Marketing&SocialMedia,Body&Mind,Photography&Art in Netherlands, Flevoland

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Business Profile Eric Willems (1953)
I am an experienced, results-oriented professional and manager with more than 45 years experience in the world of ICT. Over the last few decades I have developed the necessary skills for leadership and management consultancy and coaching as well. I have concentrated on roles where change is the rule rather than the exception.

I see things through to the end and have the will and energy to overcome obstacles. I like challenges that call upon my strength of imagination and my daring. I have an entrepreneurial outlook which makes me able to see new opportunities. As a generalist I can view projects from a business perspective. I feel most at home in a dynamic environment. My ability to get the job done means that I also achieve success.

Working in the roles of project- and interim manager, I have worked on projects for various clients building up considerable experience and wide-ranging knowledge. I also have developed my own style which I describe as a participative and coaching leadership-style. I carry a clear vision and believe in continuous learning as a means of achieving personal growth.

I am client-oriented, have a positive attitude, see the good in people and have clear personal values. Freedom, flexibility, change, personal growth and vitality are important to me. My core qualities: drive/passion; creativity; purposiveness and performance orientation; leadership/entrepreneurship; motivation/inspiration; enjoy/relativise.
My motto is ‘When you say you’re going to do something, you do it!’

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