Eric Woods

Eric Woods has two First Class Honours Degrees, in Biochemistry and Applied Computing, and has both academic and commercial interests in applying technology to the education and creative industries. Eric was Computer and Multimedia manager at the Human Interface Technology Lab, New Zealand (HITLabNZ) before managing a number of projects that applied Augmented Reality to education, culture and art. His business experience (having started his first business at 17 years old) led to him founding and managing MindSpace Solutions.

MindSpace Solutions Ltd is passionate about bringing education and tourism to life with Augmented Reality (AR), a truly multi-dimensional experience beyond the ordinary. MindSpace has developed two product lines: Imaginality - a computer-based AR platform, and the Digital Binocular Station - a self-contained, interactive display experience.

Eric is also an avid musician (drums and percussion) and exhibits his digital art at MindSpace Art. Eric was born in Canada, formally educated in New Zealand and now continually educated thanks to numerous podcasts and vodcasts.