Erik Halvorsen

Chief Business and Strategy Officer in Houston, TX

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Living in Houston, Texas, Erik Halvorsen has built an impressive career for himself in both the healthcare and business industries. Currently, Erik is a Partner at pHpartners, a healthcare investment bank. Prior to this role, he served as the Chief Business & Strategy Officer at FAR Biotech, where he also served as a board member.

He has a long career behind him, having worked in a variety of positions for multiple healthcare companies. In each role, he important initiatives that significantly contributed to the development of the business and technology.

Not only did his education inspire him to lead this diverse career, but his daughter's health challenges were also a strong motivator in revolutionizing healthcare for children.

Outside of his work, Erik Halvorsen loves spending time with his family. He and his wife and their two children enjoy traveling, spending time with one another, and dining at their favorite foodie hotspots!

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