Erin Giglio

PhD Student in Austin, Texas

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Currently a PhD candidate at UT Austin in Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior working with the Phelps lab.

I work with Alston's singing mice (Scotinomys teguina), trying to understand how individuals modulate their social signals according to both social and metabolic context.

Basically, what that means is that I want to know how singing mice decide to sing, what they use to make that decision, and how they integrate the information around them to come to a conclusion.

My research interests include social behavior, sexual selection, energy allocation, developmental trade-offs, and life history decision-making. I'm also casually interested in the evolution of sex differentiation and intraspecific variation in mating systems.

And, of course, I'm interested in people and social behavior, too. I'm of the opinion that science can only be improved by a diversity of perspectives, because I find that unusual perspectives often inform novel approaches to questions--and my own experience as a queer woman certainly informs my own approach to both my research and the way I think about other people's work.

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